Speck Presidio Perfect Clear Magsafe Case - Apple iPhone 14 Pro

SKU: SPK150148-5085

Weight: 500 g
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Presidio® Perfect-Clear Magsafe® case for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro is the clearest, super-protective, pocket-friendly case we’ve ever designed. Our innovative materials allow us to create a case that stays perfectly clear longer. Highly protective, yet slim, this case is pocket-friendly, and is built with precision magnets that work reliably with all Apple MagSafe® chargers and accessories. Clearly stylish, but also built tough for life’s rough moments with our clear impact technology. Our proprietary, clear phone-cushioning rubber compresses on impact to protect your phone and resist damage. Naturally our Presidio Perfect-Clear case is real-world tested to withstand drops up to 13 feet. So, no matter what happens, you can be confident you’re protected.

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